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  • Can my macrame plant hangers be placed outside?
    All of our macrame plant hangers are made of recycled cotton fiber and are meant to be used primarily indoors. Varying weather and critters will cause the breakdown of the natural fibers and damage your plant hanger. HOWEVER, you can hang your planters on a porch or deck during nice weather for short periods of time.
  • What is Macrame made of?
    Make My Day Design uses a couple of different types of macrame cord. All of our pieces are made of natural fibers. Either recycled cotton or organic cotton fiber, as well as some roven wool, manilla, hemp, and jute. More specifically we use: *Triple-strand twisted cord, meaning 3 bundles of cotton fibers twisted around each-other for extra strength, and durability, and can be untwisted to give fun wavy fringed edges. * Single-strand cord, which is composed of many thin fibers twisted into a single strand. The thickness of cord we uses ranges from 2mm-8mm. *Organic cotton rope. Similar to the triple-twisted cord, just much much thicker. *Roven wool: Fluffy wool that has been cleaned and collected, but before being spun into strands of yarn.
  • Do you provide free shipping?
    YES! We do provide free shipping on all U.S. orders. As of yet, we do not provide international shipping...but hopefully soon!
  • Where do you get your Macrame cord from?
    There are two primary business that I source my cord from. The first is Ganxxet a woman owned and run business based out of Florida. The second is R&W Rope, a family owned and operated rope distribution company based out of New Bedford, MA.
  • Do you make custom Macrame Wall Art pieces?
    Yes! It is my favorite thing to make!😁 For details and pricing, please fill out the inquiries and commissions form at the bottom of our home page. I will then send you a form to figure out what exactly you are looking for in your custom Macrame piece. From there I can determine price and timeframe for production.
  • Can you make a Macrame Wall Art, Macrame Plant Hanger, or Macrame Decor, in a different color than the one shown?
    Yes! If you see a large scale macrame piece you like, but want it in a different color, I would be happy to make it in a color of your choosing, from the cord we already have at hand. To order a piece in a custom color, just order the piece you would normally, and then leave us a note in the checkout portion of your transaction stating what color you would prefer. I will then reach out and provide you with the options we have! Please be as specific as possible with the kind of color you want. Example: It is better if you write Baby Blue, or mustard yellow, rather than just blue or yellow.
  • What is Your Turn Around Time?
    For everything EXCEPT large art pieces, I try to get items out in the mail within 3-5 business days depending on my work load at the time. Larger art pieces typically take 10-14 days. They are big and beautiful and intricate and that takes time. If you have any questions regarding turn around times, feel free to reach out directly through the contact form at the bottom of the home page.
  • How do I clean my macrame?
    Spot clean with warm water and soap, and the leave out to air dry. Do not completely submerge in water or put in a washing machine. This will likely damage or ruin the keychain.
  • How do I hang my Macrame?
    When hanging plant hangers from the ceiling or wall, you want to make sure the hook you use is in a stud, to ensure that the plant hanger is secured and the hook can hold the weight of your plant hanger and plant! If hanging from a window sill, these are typically strong enough as they are solid wood. In terms of your macrame wall art, these pieces are not super heavy, but ensure that your nail, or hook is also in a stud for keeping your macrame (and wall) safe from damage.
  • Where do you teach your Workshops?
    Primarily I teach my Macrame workshops in Berkshire County, MA and Columbia County, NY. The specific locations are rotating.
  • Do you do private Macrame Workshops?
    Yes! Whether it be a girls night, birthday party, a team building activity in the work place, or part of a bachelorette weekend, I am happy to provide private Macrame Workshops for a fee in your home or a common space. Please contact me through the inquiries form at the bottom of our home page to get in touch and discuss further details.
  • How can I sign up for a Macrame Workshop?
    Links for workshop sign ups can be found under the workshops tab at the top of our website page. Depending on the workshop, you will either be brought to the small businesses page that is hosting the event, or Make My Day Design's personal events page.
  • Can children sign up for your Macrame workshops?
    Sadly no, for two reasons. First, our Macrame workshops often involve alcohol: wine and beer tastings, so no one under the age of 21 is permitted to attend. Second, even adults can sometimes have a hard time figuring out the dexterity involved in macrame, so in non alcohol events, we recommend no one under the age of 18 to sign up.
  • Are your Macrame Wokshops online or in person?
    They are in person! 😀 Hoping to get started with online Macrame content in the near future so stay tuned!
  • Cancelling and Refunds for Macrame Workshops
    If you signed up for a Macrame workshop but can no longer make it, there are a few things you can do. If sign up was through another small business, you will need to reach out and cancel through them. If sign up was directly through Make My Day Design or Eventbrite, you have until 24 hours to cancel. You will then receive a full refund minus any transactions fees that were collected for the original payment. If you cancel under 24 hours, you will be given a voucher/credit for another workshop in the future.
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